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Exciting news!!! I’ve just uploaded my very first animated video to YouTube! Check out my lyric video to Roar, and subscribe to my new channel ChibirdArt! >u<

It would mean so much to me if you guys watched the video (up to 720p!), shared it, liked it, reblogged this post, or anything as support. I normally try not to ask for much, but I’d really appreciate a little cheering on in this (scary) brand new endeavor. It took a lot of work, and I’m really happy I finally finished this project. If you guys want to see more, definitely comment! :D

At The Window

I was at the window
when a fly near the latch
was on its back spinning —
legs furious, going nowhere.

I thought to swat it
but something in its struggle
was too much my own.

It kept spinning and began to tire.
Without moving closer, I exhaled
steadily, my breath a sudden wind
and the fly found its legs,
rubbed its face
and flew away.

I continued to stare at the latch
hoping that someday, the breath
of something incomprehensible
would right me and
enable me to fly.

~Mark Nepo